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Semantic search engine AskNet

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For example:  When did Thomas Edison invent phonograph




Semantic search engine AskNet 

AskNet search technology is its main product and the focus of the commercial licensing and development.  The search engine combines the speed of an index with the functionality of linguistic analysis.

The AskNet search engine reverses the search result process. Traditionally, search engines provide links to large numbers of documents that contain reviews.  They leave the users to hunt their answers in thousands of pages and millions of words. AskNet`s linguistic analysis makes it possible to provide meaningful answers to searches as quickly as traditional search engines.  No linking required!

 AskNet Global Search    - semantic search with use of Internet services of the existing search systems and Internet encyclopedias by Russian and (or)   English questions.


AskNet Global Search Mobile    -  search of answers on the Internet from mobile devices (wap). 

The system of question-answer search on sms to inquiries is realized.

Work with AskNet is absolutely friendly for users. You can set any questions in natural language and get the exact answers, which system AskNet has filtered from information "noise".

AskNet - is a search system that provides information search by query in natural language. This system is based on the complex morphologic, syntactic and semantic analysis procedures of user's query as well as of indexed texts. As a result, "information noise" has been considerably reduced and the efficiency of system answer relevant to user`s query has been enhanced.

AskNet is an intelligent search system that doesn`t have any analogues worldwide. Its intelligence is based on the syntactic and semantic analyze of the adequacy of searched information to user`s query in natural language. At that to the user's query in natural language the system displays the most adequate to user query sentences from indexed texts. The search can be made considering synonyms and derivatives grouped according to their semantic meaning. If necessary, the system verifies automatically the appropriate synonyms set with unique semantic meaning.

The system supports also all basic possibilities provided by other existing in the market search engines, including morphlogic search, keywords search and frequency analysis. For keyword search the unique feature is syntactic and semantic user`s query analysis algorithm, creation of list of words and their logical relations for search, as well as the algorithm of automatic search area increasing by means of the less significant user's query words truncation and use of synonyms for the most significant user's query words.

Information search (efficiency and relevance) enhancement in the arrays of unformalized text information is provided by means of automatic realization (on the basis of complex linguistic analysis) of the most relevant to user`s query indexed texts sentences selection in natural language.

The methodical basis to provide effective search is the complex intellectual procedures realization of text information and user`s query morphological, syntactic and semantic analysis.

The system is user-friendly for the system provides a natural language dialog with user.


Essentially new functionality of AskNet:

  •  direct answer according to semantic matching

  •  taking into account sense of the question, allowing in the answer pages include only relevant texts and links to documents;

  • ¨ the implicit information, in a direct kind absent in documents which cannot be found on keywords;

  •  information on the basis of revealing from automatically analyzed texts of the characteristics, the latent communications between objects of question, carrying out of a logic conclusion;

  •  services of the contextual advertising corresponding on sense to entered question.

The basic functionality of system AskNet:

  • Text-through search of the answer to the question of the user set in a natural language, and also semantic keyword search of Russian or English;

  • Information search in any sequences of symbols - abbreviations, proper names etc., and also by all possible variants of a writing of words and numbers;

  • Automatic integrated estimation of semantic relevancy founded text information to the semantic maintenance of questions of users;  

  • Possibility of viewing of the found offers with automatic positioning and allocation by highlighting not only the keywords, but also words of the semantic answer;

  • Adaptation of system to new words from any subject domain at the expense of automatic word-formation of all lexems of the unknown words;

  • The information search, presented to the text implicitly on the basis of carrying out of automatic generalisation of the information and a logic conclusion.

Advantages of developed and realised technology AskNet prove to be true results of testing of system AskNet on paths of conference TREC and seminar ROMIP.